COVID-19 Updates

Visitor Information for Methodist Home
Visitation Policy Effective November 16, 2021


Dear Family and Designated Representative,


We are writing you at this time to provide you with an update on COVID-19 in the facility. As of this date, we do not have any COVID-19 cases in the facility among residents and or our personnel. We would like to notify of new revised visitation guidance received from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). Please be advised that effective, tomorrow, November 17th, 2021, visitation is allowed for all residents at all times. Please note that the facility’s suggested visiting hours are from 9: 00 am to 9:00 pm, 7 days a week. To best ensure the safety of our residents and staff, we would like to request that if any visitor wishing to visit outside of the suggested visiting hours, they should contact, the Director of Social Worker, Elizabeth Harris at extension 256 or the nursing supervisor.  In addition, the facility must ensure that all visitors use a face mask when the community transmission rate is substantial too high. Please note that as per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Bronx County’s community transmission high is high at this time and therefore all visitors and residents must wear a mask at all times.


The facility is still required to continue screening all visitors, regardless of vaccination status, and all visitors must be screened. Visitors who have a positive viral test for COVID-19 symptoms of COVID 19, or currently meet the criteria for quarantine are not permitted to enter the facility. Visitors are not permitted to walk around different halls of the facility, offices, and other units. Visitors are asked to go directly to the resident’s room or designated visitation area (GREAT ROOM-2nd floor.


Residents on transmission-based precaution or on quarantine can still receive visitors, however, in these cases, visits should occur in the resident’s room and the resident should wear a well-fitting facemask (if tolerated). Visitors and residents should be aware of the potential risk of visiting while resident is on transmission-based precaution and or on quarantine. All necessary precautions should be taken.


Visitors can visit during an outbreak investigation. Visitors are reminded of the potential risk of visiting during an outbreak in the facility. If visitors choose to visit, residents and visitors must wear a face mask, regardless of vaccination status and must adhere to the core principles of infection prevention.


Core Principles of COVID-19 Infection Prevention:


We will continue screening all who enter the facility for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., temperature checks, questions about and observations of signs or symptoms), and deny entry to those with signs or symptoms or those who have had close contact with someone with COVID-19 infection in the prior 14 days (regardless of the visitor’s vaccination status). Hand hygiene will be reinforced (use of alcohol-based hand rub is preferred).


Face coverings or masks (covering mouth and nose) are required at all times when the community transmission rate is substantial too high, while in the facility and social distancing of at least six feet between persons, in accordance with CDC guidance.  Please follow instructional signage posted throughout the facility.




We are pleased with the progress we have made with employees’ and residents’ vaccination. Our current staff’s and resident’s vaccination rates are above national average. All our personnel are fully vaccinated.


We would like to continue to encourage all visitors to get vaccinated. The facility has ongoing vaccination efforts for all our residents and staff. Many of our residents and staff have received the booster. If you would like your loved one to receive the booster, please contact the nurse manager or your loved’ s one primary care physician to discuss. We must protect the most vulnerable population especially with the increase in the positivity rate in our area. We urge you to please get vaccinated and get tested frequently before visiting.


We continue to offer testing to visitors. Appointments must be made in advance by calling the front desk/reception from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Mondays through Fridays.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Elizabeth Harris, Interim Director of Social Worker at, and or Denise L. Herrera

All Outdoor Visits are 1 hour long.

For Outdoor visits, our current visiting hours are:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays 
9:30am (4 slots available)
10:00am (4 slots available)
10:30am (4 slots available)
11:00am (4 slots available)
Tuesdays & Fridays 
1:30pm (4 slots available)
2:00pm (4 slots available)
2:30pm (4 slots available)
3:00pm (4 slots available)
3:30pm (4 slots available)

We also have additional visiting time on Mondays afternoons:

Monday Afternoon
1:30pm (3 slots available)
2:00pm (3 slots available)
2:30pm (3 slots available)
3:00pm (3 slots available)
3:30pm (3 slots available)

We also have visiting time on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Evenings:

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday Evenings
6:00pm (2 slots available)

Weekend Visitation

Saturday and Sundays 
9:30am (2 slots available)
10:00am (2 slots available)
10:30am (2 slots available)
11:00am (2 slots available)

1:30pm (2 slots available)
2:00pm (2 slots available)
2:30pm (2 slots available)
3:00pm (2 slots available)
3:30pm (2 slots available)

Steps Methodist Home is Taking:

The health and safety of our community continues to be our top priority in the wake of the evolving situation around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Resident Monitoring:

Our clinical team are diligently monitoring residents.Our staff has been educated and trained to identify residents who might be at risk for any flu and or symptoms of COVID-19 and are prepared to take any steps necessary to keep our residents safe.

Employee/Contractor Screening:

We are screening employees and contractors for symptoms or potential exposure to COVID-19 to prevent the spread of the illness in our facility.

Facility Environment of Care:

We have increased the frequency of cleaning on high touch surfaces and high trafficked public areas with a CDC-approved disinfectant.

We realize this may seem like an extreme step, however, until we know more about this virus and the extent to which how many people are infected, we believe this is the responsible step to take. This virus seems to affect the elderly the most. Therefore, we are taking these steps to potentially prevent your loved one from catching this virus.

Please note that we are constantly evaluating our policies and protocols in view of new information and they are subject to change. We will do our best to keep you apprised by updating this notice.

COVID-19 Notice