Outpatient Rehabilitation

We are pleased to offer outpatient therapy services for those needing therapy without an inpatient stay. Let our dedicated therapy team help you heal from your recent illness, injury, or surgery.

Outpatient Rehabilitation in Riverdale

We invite you to utilize Methodist Home for outpatient rehabilitation services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Our skilled and caring staff will expertly manage your individualized, comprehensive rehabilitation program, working in collaboration with your referring physician.

Are you looking for outpatient therapy?

You deserve outpatient therapy that is convenient and effective!

Within our newly renovated state-of-the-art rehabilitation center, patients will work with our bilingual staff to achieve specific care plan goals. Also, patients work with staff in our “Activities of Daily Living Suite” to promote confidence in getting back to normal daily living routines. Free parking is conveniently located on-site.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Let the Methodist Home provide you with the therapy you need with our outpatient rehabilitation services.

Physical Therapy to Restore Range of Motion

If you are recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery but don’t require an inpatient stay, the therapy team at the Methodist Home would be happy to help you with outpatient therapy services.

Our team of licensed therapists offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services and all are available on an outpatient basis.

We will discuss your needs, create a customized care plan, and get you back to your prior level of function.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists utilize a variety of exercises, stretching, and more while working with outpatients to help improve balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength. We will help you meet your therapy goals and get back to your prior level of function.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists help outpatients recover and maintain skills needed to support daily living. Specific therapy focus will vary per outpatient. Our newly renovated rehabilitation center and Activities of Daily Living Suite offer a productive and comfortable environment for your healing.

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
Speech Therapy

Speech Therapists help outpatients with needs related to speech, language, cognitive ability, eating, and swallowing. Speech therapy is often used in conjunction with physical therapy and/or occupational therapy for a comprehensive healing plan.

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

If you have had a recent orthopedic surgery or joint replacement, our physical therapists can help you ensure pain-free use of your new joint and to improve your overall quality of life with an outpatient rehabilitation plan.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Though many patients in stroke recovery opt for an inpatient stay with us because of the complexity of our stroke rehabilitation program, patients with more focused therapy may be able to receive outpatient stroke rehabilitation to help recover abilities lost during a stroke event.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation patients also often stay as an inpatient with us, but a combination of therapies can also be provided on an outpatient basis to help heart patients improve strength and overall health during the recovery process.

Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation
Prosthetic and Orthotic Training

Our physical therapists and occupational therapists work closely with our prosthetic partners to offer outpatient prosthetic and orthotic training. Outpatient services focus on improving range of motion and overall strength, reducing swelling, and adjusting to daily living with a prosthetic.

Hemodialysis Treatment

In addition to inpatient dialysis services, residents of the Bronx can receive outpatient dialysis services at the Rogosin Institute at the Methodist Home. Our in-facility center is the first dialysis center of its kind in our community and we are proud to be able to serve those in need of this important treatment.

Outpatient Prosthetic Training Rehab

Our Team of Specialists

Minerva Frias

Director of Rehabilitation

Genevieve Castillo

Director of Nursing

Elizabeth Harris

Social Services Director

Dr. Paul Cavaluzzi

Medical Director

How Our Intake and Rehabilitation Process Works


You tell your physician you want to receive outpatient therapy at the Methodist Home.


They send your information to us for review, and we confirm we can accept your case.


Our therapy team develops a care plan to help you meet your goals.

This was my dad’s third stay at Methodist for rehab. I’ve consistently been impressed by the kind, respectful staff and the positive manner in which they interact with the clients and their families. Every staff member who came into the room for whatever reason was pleasant, polite, and friendly. The grounds are lovely and when my dad is there I have every confidence that he’s very well taken care of. As a temporary resident, my dad has also been consistently impressed with the level of care he has received. It’s a small, intimate facility that is very well-run and staffed with caring people.

Frizandi Lxi

Learn More About Our Outpatient Therapy Services

Each patient’s outpatient therapy care plan is unique, just like each patient is unique. Whether you need physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, or a combination of these three, our in-house therapy team is ready to help you regain strength and get back to life.

Please call for information about accepted insurance plans. Private payment is accepted by cash, check, or credit card.

Would you like to know more about our Outpatient Rehabilitation Services? Fill out the contact form below with your question and someone will be in touch shortly.

Outpatient Physical Therapy

Patients recovering from an injury, illness, accident, or other health condition often benefit from receiving outpatient physical therapy at the Methodist Home. Some inpatients who discharge home after their short-term rehabilitation stay may also need additional physical therapy and opt to receive it as an outpatient.

Physical therapists can help patients experiencing issues related to:

  • Gait and balance 
  • Range of motion
  • Strength and endurance
  • Balance and falls prevention
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Pain management

We work with each patient to develop a customized care plan, and sessions will be completed with our in-house physical therapists until your goals are met.


Physical therapists help patients improve balance, strength, mobility, and pain management


Outpatient Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists focus on treating patients recovering from a health event who need help recovering, improving, and maintaining daily life skills. Focus areas can include assessments and exercises for activities of daily living, home management, workplace performance, driving, and more.

Patients needing outpatient occupational therapy often also need physical therapy. Because therapy needs can be met more easily for those staying with us for short-term rehab, patients often opt for an inpatient stay during their recovery process.

However, if a patient’s goals can be met by receiving outpatient therapy, we are happy to offer that option.


Occupational therapy helps patients improve and regain skills needed to perform daily home, life, and work activities.


Outpatient Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists, also known as speech therapists, offer outpatient speech therapy services at the Methodist Home to help treat a variety of symptoms and conditions.

Speech therapists can help patients experiencing issues related to:

  • speech and language ability
  • cognitive ability or dysphagia
  • swallowing and eating

Patients needing speech therapy following a stroke, injury, accident, illness, or other health events often benefit from receiving inpatient short-term rehab in our facility, but outpatient services are also available.


Speech therapy helps patients experiencing issues with speech, language, cognitive ability, swallowing, and eating.


Outpatient Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

Patients needing orthopedic and joint replacement rehabilitation following an injury or surgery often stay with us as inpatients for short-term rehabilitation. However, some patients are eligible to receive outpatient joint replacement rehabilitation instead or may need just a bit more therapy after their inpatient stay is complete.

The primary goal for all of our therapy services is to help our patients regain strength and return to their prior level of function. Our therapy team works with outpatients to meet their treatment goals so we can get them back to their prior level of function.

Outpatient joint replacement rehabilitation services often include a combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and pain management.


Our therapists work with joint replacement patients to help them regain strength and recover mobility after surgery.


Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation

Many patients recovering from a stroke opt for our inpatient short-term stroke rehabilitation program. However, some patients needing less therapy during their recovery process or those needing additional therapy after their sub-acute stay is over opt for receiving outpatient stroke rehabilitation services at the Methodist Home.

Stroke recovery often requires a combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Our in-house therapists work closely with each patient to ensure the patient’s goals are met to help them regain their prior level of strength and function in all areas.


Stroke rehabilitation often includes a combination of physical, occupational, and speech therapy to help patients regain strength and function.


Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is one of our specialties at the Methodist Home. Though many patients needing cardiac rehab services stay inpatient with us for short-term rehabilitation, we also offer outpatient cardiac rehabilitation. Each patient is different, and for some, outpatient therapy meets their needs.

Our team of therapists helps our cardiac rehab outpatients regain their strength, endurance, balance, ability to perform activities of daily living, and more.


We help cardiac patients safely recover and regain strength after heart surgery, heart attack, or other heart events.


Outpatient Prosthetic and Orthotic Training

One of our specialties is our post-amputation rehabilitation program, which helps patients with a variety of inpatient and outpatient needs. Amputation affects each patient differently, and needs can include wound care, pain management, prosthetic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health care.

Though many amputees stay inpatient with us for short-term rehabilitation, some patients are great candidates for outpatient rehabilitation or may opt to receive additional therapies after discharge from their inpatient stay.

Our therapists work closely with each amputee patient to help them adjust and recover from their recent limb loss. Each patient’s needs and goals are different based on the type of amputation, the reason amputation was needed, other underlying medical conditions, and other factors. 

During outpatient prosthetic and orthotic training, our physical therapists work closely with our prosthetic and durable medical equipment partners, like Allcare Orthotic & Prosthetic Services. Services may include prosthetic fittings, adjustments, and patient education.


Amputee rehabilitation is one of our specialties, and we enjoy working with each patient to help them with their specific needs and goals.


Outpatient Hemodialysis Treatme

Hemodialysis is a treatment that is required in patients who lose kidney function. The procedure mimics the function of the kidneys and is usually performed 3 times a week for about 4 hours. 

Before you begin receiving any dialysis treatments, a special type of access called an arteriovenous (AV) fistula or graft is surgically placed in your arm. During your treatments, dialysis center staff will use this access point to connect you to a hemodialysis machine. The treatment process will filter your blood and remove waste substances and fluid before returning the blood into your bloodstream.

The Rogosin Dialysis Center at the Methodist Home is the first hemodialysis treatment center of its kind in Riverdale and the Bronx. We look forward to helping residents in our community save the time and stress of having to travel further distances to receive treatment multiple times a week.


The Rogosin Dialysis Center at the Methodist Home offers outpatient hemodialysis services in our new state-of-the-art facility.


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