What’s going on at Methodist Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation

Dialysis Center
Hemodialysis and Senior Health: Understanding the Connection

Hemodialysis is often a critical part of the healthcare plan for seniors living with chronic kidney disease. This process helps filter waste products and excess …

Short Stay Rehab
What to Expect During Short Term Rehabilitation
Entering a short-term rehab program can feel overwhelming, but knowing what to expect can ease anxiety and help you prepare for your stay. At the ...
Exploring Services and Amenities Of Skilled Nursing Facilities Near You
As you navigate the process of choosing the right skilled nursing facility for a short-term rehab stay, it is essential to consider the services and ...
Dialysis Center
What to Expect During Dialysis Treatment
Knowing what to expect during dialysis treatment can alleviate anxiety and help patients prepare for each session. At the Rogosin Institute Dialysis Center at the ...

What to Expect When Visiting Methodist Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation