Inpatient Hemodialysis is Convenient for Patients

Rogosin Institute hemodialysis center at the Methodist Home

At the Methodist Home, we are dedicated to providing the best care and support possible to our patients. This includes offering new services within our facility as needs arise, and we are proud to offer inpatient hemodialysis services in partnership with the Rogosin Institute. Inpatient hemodialysis is convenient for patients, while also giving them quality care in a comfortable environment.

Comfort and Support

We understand that living with kidney disease can be difficult. Inpatient dialysis treatment is an innovative approach to dialysis that allows patients to receive their treatment from within the comfort of our skilled nursing facility.

Patients can receive their treatments in the comfort of our skilled nursing facility’s state-of-the-art dialysis center. Hemodialysis involves filtering the blood of its excess toxins and fluids through a dialyzer, or artificial kidney. The procedure, usually three times a week for three to four hours, has traditionally been administered in traditional hospital settings.

A solid support system improves overall quality of life, and inpatient hemodialysis allows patients to be near the support of their families, caregivers, and other patients – even on treatment days.

Convenience and Flexibility

The convenience of inpatient hemodialysis is also an advantage for our patients. By receiving treatment within our facility, patients can receive the care they need without traveling to a hospital or other healthcare facility.

With dialysis services available on-site, it also offers flexibility for patients to receive their treatment at their own pace, allowing for a greater sense of freedom and independence. This is especially beneficial for patients with mobility issues or limited access to transportation.

Quality Care

We strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of care possible. With the help of our team of highly trained and experienced medical professionals, patients receive the individualized care and attention they need to ensure their dialysis treatments are as effective and comfortable as possible.

By offering a more convenient and comfortable approach to dialysis treatment, our patients receive the care they need in the comfort of our skilled nursing facility, allowing for improved quality of life.

Hemodialysis at the Methodist Home

If you or a loved one are living with kidney disease, the Rogosin Institute at the Methodist Home is here to provide the care and support you need. Our in-house hemodialysis treatment is one of the many ways we are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients. Outpatient hemodialysis treatment is also available.

To learn more about our in-house hemodialysis services or to find out how we can help you or your loved one, contact us today.

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