Navigating Cardiac Rehabilitation for Heart Patients

Senior man with walker in therapy session with physical therapist

The rehabilitation process for recovering from a cardiac event begins with the understanding of each patient’s unique needs, followed by the creation of a care plan that allows us to provide specialized care.

Navigating cardiac rehabilitation for heart patients can be challenging, but our therapy, nursing, dining, and other supporting teams collaborate seamlessly to create customized, heart-healthy care plans for every patient under our care.

Customized Heart-Healthy Care Plans

The heart is a unique organ, and its recovery requires a tailored approach. Our dedicated teams work together to understand the specific needs of each of our short term rehabilitation patients.

Whether it’s heart surgery recovery, rehabilitation after a heart attack, or managing conditions like angina and heart failure, our goal is to create personalized plans that address the unique challenges of each heart patient.

Comprehensive Short-Term and Post-Acute Care

At the Methodist Home, we aim to provide a comfortable and conducive environment for rehabilitation. In our five-star rated facility, patients experience the privacy of their own rooms and bathrooms, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful space to support recovery.

Throughout the recovery process, we help cardiac rehabilitation patients track progress and achieve milestones. Our program is designed to help patients safely regain strength and stamina, all with the goal of returning to their home environment.

Whether you are recovering from heart surgery or are managing heart failure or another condition, our approach is always goal-oriented and focused on individualized progress.

Conditions We Treat

Our cardiac rehabilitation program caters to a spectrum of heart conditions, including heart surgery recovery, heart attack recovery, angioplasty, angina, coronary artery disease, heart failure, heart transplant care, and post-pacemaker placement care.

Our skilled nursing and therapy teams are trained to manage diverse cardiac needs, and we carefully create and follow care plans for each individual patient.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

Our comprehensive services encompass a range of crucial aspects of cardiac rehabilitation:

  • Admission assessments are completed by nursing and rehabilitation departments to develop individualized cardiac rehabilitation plans.
  • Physical therapy focuses on building endurance, strength, and mobility to ensure a gradual but steady recovery.
  • Occupational therapy concentrates on activities of daily living to prepare patients for independent living in a home environment.
  • Nursing staff monitor heart rhythms, vitals, medications, and pain levels, as well as address other patient needs.
  • Coordination of consultations ensures patients have access to physicians and specialists as needed for a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Heart-healthy diet and nutrition education for our patients and their loved ones to acknowledge the critical role of nutrition in heart health.
  • Weekly interdisciplinary reviews track patient progress and adjust care plans for optimal outcomes.
  • Outpatient therapy services are also available for continued support after patients leave our facility, to help ensure they maintain the momentum gained during their inpatient rehabilitation.

How Can We Help You Heal?

At The Methodist Home, our cardiac rehabilitation program is not just a service we offer. It’s a commitment to the well-being and recovery of each heart patient who trusts us to help them with their rehabilitation journey.

Navigating cardiac rehabilitation for heart patients requires expertise, individualized attention, and a multidisciplinary approach, all of which we proudly offer to our rehabilitation patients.

Do you or a loved one need help regaining your strength after a cardiac event? We would be happy to discuss your needs with you.

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