Wound Care During Your Inpatient Rehab Stay

Wound care nurse wearing scrubs in hallway on laptop

A short-term stay including wound care in a rehabilitation facility following an injury, surgery, or other medical condition can help you rest while you heal, giving you the strength to safely return home.

In some cases, patients may be experiencing a wound needing treatment. Our skilled nurses offer an effective wound management program so you can receive wound care during your inpatient short-term rehab stay.

What is Wound Care?

Non-healing open wounds can be caused by several things, including diabetic or other ulcers, bed sores, venous or arterial insufficiency, and surgical wounds. A great way to ensure that your wound is treated properly without infection is to receive wound care during your inpatient rehab stay.

A wound care specialist has received advanced training in assessing and treating open, non-healing wounds. They are also trained to detect signs and symptoms of infection because early detection is key to preventing infection from spreading and becoming potentially life-threatening. In diabetic patients, proper wound treatment can also help prevent foot or leg amputation.

Methodist Home Wound Management Program

As with many medical diagnoses, each wound is different. Some wound types, like foot ulcers, are more difficult to treat than others, so it’s important to work with a professional to ensure maximum healing.

In addition to our in-house therapy services, our skilled nursing staff also offers advanced wound management for our patients.

Wound care specialists help in the following ways:

  • Evaluates wounds and checks for signs of infection
  • Cleans wounds and any related equipment, like tubes from wound vacs
  • Changes dressings
  • Administers healing treatments
  • Educates patient on at-home treatment as needed
  • Communicates progress and concerns with the primary physician

Between your therapy sessions and wound treatments, you can enjoy a variety of fun activities and delicious meals at the Methodist Home. Relaxing or taking a nap in your recently renovated private room is also a popular option for those regaining strength to return home.

About the Methodist Home

The Methodist Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation is a five-star rated skilled nursing facility in Riverdale, New York. We offer wound care services during inpatient rehab stays and would be happy to discuss your needs.


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